The YVGS Digital Collection


    The YVGS digital collection is comprised of a number of genealogical resources that are either on CD or are hosted on our computers. Besides the expected genealogical records collections, the digital collection also includes a large number of county histories and a number of instructional webinars for learning how to do research. The three most important parts of our collection are listed below. All of the titles in the CLIO collection and the Stemmons collection are included in the YVGS catalog of books and microfilms. To view the YVGS book and film catalog, click here.



     The Clio collection, which resides on one of the computers at the library, is made up of approximately 900 digital books of county histories and county biographies with a focus on the Midwest. Among the areas covered are Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky, Colorado, Kansas, Texas, Georgia & Virginia. Clio also includes a collection of Parish Registers of England from the Parish Register Society. A number of these volumes are out of print and difficult to find.

Stemmons Collection

     The Stemmons collection is available on a series of CDs. It is made up of 715 digital books related to genealogical research, including histories, vital records, periodicals, etc. Areas covered by the Stemmons collection include Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, and many other states. As with the Clio collection above, a large number of these volumes are out of print and difficult to find.

New England Genealogical and Historical Register

     The New England Genealogical and Historical Register published their first genealogical journal in 1847. The publication of that journal, the Register, is ongoing to this day. The Register has published a wide variety of material over its history, much of it focused on New England families. In the pages of the Register you can find histories, compiled genealogies, indexes, biographical sketches, abstracts of wills, birth records, marriage records, death records, lists of early settlers, memoirs and remembrances, pedigrees, entries from journals, letters, descendant reports, church records, inscriptions from headstones, proceedings of historical societies, and notifications of books recently published on genealogy, among other items. Our CD collection of the these journals spans the time period from 1847 (volume 1) to 1994 (volume 2) and is fully indexed and searchable.