We are very excited to announce that Jean Wilcox Hibben is going to be our speaker at our upcoming fall seminar being held October 29 at Mt Olive Lutheran Church. Jean is highly regarded as a knowledgeable and highly entertaining speaker. Below is a biography of her and information on the 4 topics she will be speaking on:

Jean Hibben - A native of the Chicago suburbs & former Board Certified genealogist, I now reside in So. Cal. where I was a college professor for 13 years, teaching Speech Communication, retiring to pursue my passions: family history & folklore (with doctorate in the latter). I am a national speaker, the former Director of the Corona (CA) Family History Center, President & webmaster of the Corona Gen. Soc., & Past-President of the So. Calif. Chapter of APG. I've also been on the boards of the Gen'l Speakers Guild, Internat'l Soc. of Family History Writers & Editors, & APG. I was the Lead researcher for the first season of Genealogy Roadshow. I write the "Aunty Jeff" column for the Informer, the newsletter of the Jefferson County, NY, Gen. Soc. I am part of Genealogy Journeys® producing podcasts on Social History.

She will be giving presentations on the following:

Epidemics & Pandemics: Issues of Politics, Economics, & Religion

     Endemics, Epidemics, and Pandemics all affected our ancestors, either directly or indirectly. Lifestyles were altered by major illness and the fear of it. Learn how far reaching the health concerns of our predecessors stretched, how they touched your own lives, and how they affect your research. Funeral and cemetery records, as well as the ways of handling the dead, will also be discussed.

Means, Motive, & Opportunity: The Sad Saga of George Richards

     This case study of a man whose choices served to confuse his descendants is reconstructed in this lecture. He was there, then gone, then back – see how a variety of records unlocked his real story. From England to the US, George’s life was filled with conundrums and poor choices. See how to locate original records (not all online); separate fact from fiction;  & assess evidence for accuracy.

Life on the Farm

Learn more about how to find your farming ancestor in the records left behind – not only in the databases of Ancestry.com and FamilySearch.org, but also in the Courthouses and annual reports, available through NARA.

Breaking the Ties that Bind: One Woman’s Story of Leaving Family to Settle New Frontiers

Irene Freeman was born and raised in New York State, moving at least three times as a small child.  Her mother died soon after Irene was born and she was raised in part by her maternal grandfather; after his death, her father and new step-mother moved her across the state to spend her teen years in Jefferson County, New York. After marrying “the boy next door,” she moved with her husband to the Michigan frontier, then to the Iowa wilderness, and, after the Civil War, to the war- ravaged state of Tennessee.  Along the way, she gave birth to at least six children, only three of which survived, and managed the household while her architect/builder husband chased jobs around the state. She is an example of the strength of woman survivors in the 19th Century.  The paper trail she left behind will be examined following the narrative presentation. (note: this will be a first for our society. Jean will be dressed in period costume and will present this woman's history as a dramatic narrative history. Jean is well known for this and this should be the highlight of the day)