July 1, 2023 - General Meeting 10-12 (open to the public)

Presenter - Susan Maza

Susan Maza will be giving a presentation on Revolutionary War stories.. Susan is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Her desire to educate herself has led to offering her program to those that are interested in this history. American history is rich in events that sculptured our destiny. Step back in time into Colonial America with a costumed character who can tell stories of the United States in its infancy.


August 5, 2023 - General Meeting 10-12 (open to the public)

Presentation - Mennonite Immigration and Redemptioners

Presenter - Ellen Allmendinger

     Ellen will talk about the Mennonites coming to the United States, when and where they came from, where they settled and the types of records they left. She will also inform us about who and what were the Redemptioners and how they relate to the Mennonites.


September 2, 2023 - General Meeting 10-12 (open to the public)

Presentation - Mexican Research

Presenter - Jerry Shepard

     Jerry is our resident expert on Mexican research. He has successfully traced his wife's family back to the original Spanish Conquerors. He will talk about on-line resources for doing Mexican research followed by an account of their personal experiences in doing on-site research at churches, archives and government offices in Mexico. He will end his presentation with relating his experiences in being able to locate the ancestral home in Spain and their trip there.