Funeral Home Records

Master Index to Cemetery, Obituary and Funeral Home Records

     For years the Yakima Valley Genealogical Society has maintained a card file of obituary notices, cemetery readings and records and funeral home records. The current index contains listings of approximately 191,000 names and is continuing to be added to on a weekly basis. Most of these records have been digitized and are located on the computers at the Genealogical Society library for patrons to access and use. Please go here to search the combined index for an individual. For those unable to come into our library, we are able to send you copies of the records upon request. To request copies of the records please use the form located here. Please see below for a description of the funeral home records that are included in this index.

Shaw and Son Funeral Home

     The Shaw and Sons Funeral Home is located in Yakima, Washington.  It was established ???? and over time has operated under several variations on its current name.  Several years ago the Society was given permission by the funeral home to scan their funeral records.  These records cover the years 1900 to 1983.  When the records were scanned it appeared that some records were missing, and the earliest years were sparcely covered.  Included on these images may be information about the deceased individual and their family.  To inquire about getting copies of these records please use the form location here.

Ball Funeral Home Records Index

     The Ball Funeral Home was located in Sunnyside, Washington. Their records cover the time period from 1897 to 1973 and were made available to us in 1991 by the present custodian of the records, Mr. Bob McIntosh of the McIntosh-Benton Memorial Chapel in Prosser, Washington. To see an alphabetical index, including year of death, see the file here. The actual extracted record that we have on file in the library may include additional information about the deceased individual and their family. To inquire about getting copies of these extracted records, please use the form located here.