Book Donations

    Our current research library started with very humble beginnings. The original society library consisted of five genealogical volumes that were carried from meeting to meeting in a cardboard box. Over the years, as the collection expanded, the library found a permanent home in one of the member's houses. Then, when that was outgrown, the library was hosted in the basement of a downtown Yakima church. Later it was moved to an industrial building in north Yakima. The current library building in Union Gap was constructed in 19?? and has housed the library collection ever since. Although the society has purchased many books over the years, the biggest majority of our collection has been donated by the members or benefactors of our society. It has grown from the original five volumes to its current size of about 21,000 volumes covering every state in the U.S and a large amount of foreign countries, which makes it one of the larger genealogical research libraries in the western United States. We currently welcome donations of books of genealogical value or significance which may include family histories, county and state histories, military records and histories, collections of extracted vital records and land records and books about how to do research. Books donated to the library need to be brought into the library or mailed to the library with a completed book donation form filled out. Forms are available at the library or you may use the book donation form located here. If you use the on-line form, please print it out, (right click on the image and select print) fill it out as completely as possible, and then bring it to the library with the book or books to be donated