Meetings and Events

General Meetings

     The YVGS holds general membership meetings on the first Saturday of the month, 8 times a year. The meetings are held at our library in Union Gap and start at 10:00 a.m. Society business is discussed and upcoming events and happenings are announced. Every general meeting ends with a member presentation on subjects of genealogical value. On the first Saturday in December the society hosts a Christmas party instead of a general meeting. A pot luck affair is hosted by the society the first Saturday in June. No general meetings are held in April and October. Instead, the Society sponsors a Spring Seminar in April and a Fall Workshop in October.

Educational Opportunities

Spring Seminar

     Every year in April, the YVGS sponsers a Spring Seminar. This is an all day affair and a nationally known genealogical speaker is brought in to present 4 one-hour long lectures on different genealogical research topics. Lunch and snacks are included as part of the event. This event is usually held at one of our local churches

Fall Workshop

     Every year in October, the YVGS hosts a fall workshop. This event consists of a Friday night session with a well known Pacific Northwest speaker delivering a one hour genealogical lecture. Saturday, the speaker presents two one hour sessions. Saturday afternoons are spent attending a series of classes on different genealogical topics. The Friday night session of the event is held at our library in Union Gap. The Saturday sessions are held at one of the local churches.


     Several times a year the society offers beginners genealogical classes. These consist of a series of 6 classes held over a six week time period. These classes cover all of the fundamentals you will need to do effective research on your family. These classes are held at our library in Union Gap.

Legacy Family Tree Users Group

   A Legacy Family Tree users group meets occasionally  as demand warrants at our library facility. This is an opportunity to learn and enhance your skills in using this valuable program.

Brick Wall Sessions

     Brick wall session are scheduled at the library in Union Gap as demand warrants. This is an opportunity to bring your research problems to the session to see of the facilitator or members of the group can offer help and assistance.

To see a schedule of the above meetings and events, click here, or to see a monthly calendar of meetings and events, click here.